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Spiritual singing is an art that everyone can't justify, Sh. Suresh Wadkar is one of those few singers who have shown immense promise in the devotional singing. Now, he is someone who doesn't need any introduction. Born in a marathi family on 7th August 1954 in Kohlapur, Maharashtra, his original name was Suresh Ishwar Wadkar. From the age of 8 years he has been learning music from Shri. Jiyalal Basant, He only encouraged him to take a degree from Prayaas Sangeet Samiti. After earning of Prabhakar, He not only taught in the Arya Vidya Mnadir but also with his powerful voice made an entry in the bollywood industry. He sang a lot of songs in Hindi and Marathi Movies. Although he sang very selective songs but all his songs were appreciated by masses. Few of his hit tracks are, Prem Rog, Disco Dancer, Sadma, Utsav etc. All these bollywood recordings were also followed by a lot of international and national concerts which gave him additional recognition. Sri. Wader has also opened many Music Schools in Mumbai as well as in Dubai and USA.

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1. Suresh Ji, your devotees tag you with prince of Melody, What importance does this fact has in your life?

I feel Honored to be respected so much by my devotees. Its not an easy job to master the musicality, this can take whole life as well. Music gives peace to my soul. Music connects me with almighty. People who have chosen the path of spirituality and bhakti will also are that music is an essential part of it. For me music is everything.


2. You have been considered as a versatile singer in the industry though your devotional bhajans have been appreciated worldwide. What do you prefer more, Devotional or filmy songs?

Though these are both very different genres but sweetness that both gives is very similar. The satisfaction is same while singing both the forms. Where as fimly songs are sung in accordance to the situation, devotional songs are sung while having a connection with god. Both has unique importance in my life.


3. In how many languages can you sing? How many albums have been published yet?

Aside Hindi and Marathi, i also sing in Bhojpri and Kannad. Even i don't remember how many Albums have been published yet. I also have a lot of sai bhajan albums that are available in the market.


4. You have done shows across the world, do you think that the new generation appreciates classical music?

There is no doubt that young generation like classical music as such as they love western music. Classical music is the foundation to all other music genre, thus everyone considers it to be very important and respects it.


5. Have you taken any special professional lessons to improve your music skills?

Though i have been singing when I was 9 years but still i have taken my training from Pandit Jiyalal Basant. He is my guru as well as my Guide. Aside musical skills, whatever I have learnt from them is something that I can never forget.


6. Who do you consider as your idol in the bollywood Industry?

Aside my guru who is my idol as well, I consider Shri. Lata Mangeshkar, Mh. Rafi, Mukesh Kumar, Kishore Kumar, Mehendi Hasan as my idols.


7. We have also noticed that few of your Non-Filmy alums have also done brilliantly well. What do you have to say about that?

Yes, its true that some of my albums with Vishal Bhardwaj and Gulzaar JI has proven to be more successful than my usual filmy albums. Like Lata ji, Gulzaar Ji has also appreciated my singing very much. All these albums have shown love and feelings to the listeners and hence gained publicity.


8. How much do you believe in Shiridi Sai Baba? You sai bhajans are also appreciated very much, why is that so?

I believe in Sai Baba a lot. Every time I render my voice to his bhajans, the amount of happiness and blessings that I feel is hard to express in words. When I sing i feel that his idol is right in front of me, and I feel as if I am his own child.


9. You have received so many prestigious awards in your career, how do you feel receiving them?

Yes, you are right that I have received a lot of awards in my life but my real award is the love that my followers shower on m. There can't be anything else precious than that.


10. We also heard that you run your Music school in mumbai, is it right?Please tell us more about it?

Yes, I have a music school in Mumbai which is managed by my Wife, Padma Wadkar, and elder sister,Prem Basant. Aside Mumbai I also have schools in USA and Dubai, where I myself go and teach these students.

Na koi Manzil
Om Namo Sainath - suresh wadkar
Hey Sai Ram - Suresh Wadkar
om shree sai, jay shree sai - suresh wadkar
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