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When we talk about the leading playback singers of bollywood, Sunidhi Chauhan is one of the prominent name that has to be taken. Born on 14 August 1983 in Delhi, Sunidhi has made a strong standing in the industry. Aside Hindi, she has sang in Tamil, Talegu, Kannad, Bangali and Gujarati films as well. Having sang in more than 2000 films is an achievement for her.

She started singing at a very young age when she used to sing in Mata ki Chowki. She started singing since the age of 4 years and there after with the blessings of her father, Mr. Krishna Kumar Chauhan and sheer handwork, dedication and training, she has now made her name in the bollywood playback in dusty. A very simple and attractive personality, she has sang for almost of the leading actress of bollywood industry and she has done a lot of National level and international shows across the globe

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1. Sunidhi, what is your background and when did you start to sing professionally?

I was born in delhi and my father was an aclaimed artist. I was fond of dancing to start with but my parents though that i can do good in singing and thereafter advised me to get dedicated in the same. Though I am singing since i was 4 but my initial performance was in a temple where I sang few bhajans, which were applauded by the crowd and i I got the required appreciation. There after i sang for a lot of bollywood films and Devotional concerts.

2. You coming to bollywood and delivering a fantastic career, how was this made possible? Did you had any professional training?

I didn't take any professional lessons for my singers, my singing is God Gifted. Turning point in my life took place when the famous Tv anchor, Tambassum' identified my talent. When I shifted to mumbai with my family then I started my career as a singer in music director Kalyan Ji's 'Little Wonders Group'. I was 11 years at that time. Tambassum ji introduced me with Kalyan Ji Bhai, who then gave me an opportunity to sing in the FilmFare awards. Following that, ShrI. Aides Srivastava gave me an opportunity to sing in his film where i sang 'Morni Baghan em bole ahi rat ma. this was appreciated by a lot of people and gave me recognition.

3. When your name was Nidhi in your childhood then how did it changed to Sunidhi later on?

Name of all the good singers graduated from Kalyan Ji Bhai's academy has their names starting from letter 'S', Sadhna Sargam, Sonali Vajpayee, Sapna Mukherjee etc were few names. Thus even my name got changed from Nidhi to Sunidhi. Word singing starts from S so does Sunidhi, Now ! She Smiles.

4. Your voice suites all genre of actresses, from mature to youngsters, this was one quality of Shri. Lata Mangeshkar as well. All the actresses really like you voice, What do you have to say on that?

I feel glad that my voices matches and suites all the actresses of the industry. I don't have any attitude for the same.

5. Do you believe in Sai Baba?

Yes i believe in all the religions but I don't encourage those activities whose motive is just to fulfill their selfish motives. I have always believed in the ideology of one God. Once i went to shirdi and felt a lot of positive and comfortable vibes and since then i believe in Sai Baba.

6. Do you still sing Bhajans and do Sai Bhajan Sandhyas?

Yes I do Bhajans whenever I get time aside from Playback Singing.

7. You performed at a TV show organized by Shri Sai Prerna Trust, MAALIK EK SUR ANEK, which was telecasted on StarPlus, how was the experience?

When the organizers contacted me for this show, I couldn't deny them as this show was dedicated to every sai baba devotee across the globe. There were many other famous personalities in the concert and I had a wonderful time performing in it.

8. You have received various best female playback singer awards and Filmfare awards, what does these award mean to you?

For any performer these awards are precious and similarly for me as well I am honored to have received these. One of the awards were presented by Shri. Lata Mangeshkar ji, and that is something i'll cherish forever.

9. Who is your idol in playback singing?

I consider Shri. Lata Mangeshkar JI as my idol.

10. If you weren't a singer then what would you be?

I can never think my life without being a singer but still incase i wasn't a singer then may be I would have been a player. After watching Chak De India, i felt being a Hockey Player. 

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