paras jain

He is one those Sai Bhajan singers who is considered to be Sai Baba's very own son as he hails from Shirdi itself and now sings his glory worldwide. Born on 17th August 1968 in Rajasthan. He was fond of singing since his childhood. He did his graduation from Mumbai University and his greatest asset is the fact that his voice resembles the voice of great bollywood singer Late. Mukesh Ji.

He is one of those self made singers who is when invited for any Sai Bhajan Sandhya build up an atmosphere which make listeners feel closely connected to shirdi and its surroundings. Now a days he stays in Shirdi itself and does his work right opposite to Dwarkamai, he loves being in Shirdi like any other Sai Devotee.

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1. Paras ji, since when have you connected with Baba? You have been singing for a long time now, what do you have to say about it?

I have been singing since childhood only. My mother an father used to take m in all the community events where I used to perform as a child artist. Then I got inclined towards bollywood songs and used to sing mukesh Ji's song. People used to appreciate me and commented that I have similar voice as Mukesh Ji's. Thats how my singing career started. I came to shirdi on 1978 and sang in Sai Baba's temple and since then Baba has kept me in shirdi only. I feel glad to be living here and staying come to baba.

2. Since how long have you been singing Sai Bhajans? Why do you consider your voice different from other singers?

Actually I started singing in the year 1985 though I got recognition in the year 2001. One of my songs ' Mere Ghar Ke Aage Sainath, Tera Mandir Bann Jaye' gave me the international recognition. Since then My journey started and I never looked back. Whatever song i used to listen I automatically used to convert it into a Sai Bhajan sandhya and add my feelings into it.

3. what do you have to say about Devotional Singing? Even devotional singing has the western filmy fusion to them these days, what do you have to say about it?

Devotional singing comes form the soul where lyrics and feelings are the primary concern. Considering filmy songs, i feel those have less sense to it and more of just music. Fusion of filmy songs into devotional bhajans is acceptable only till the pint where it doesn't harm devotee's devotion.

mere ghar ke aage - Paras Jain
AAj Guruvar hai - Paras Jain
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