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A lot of singers have put in their soul in singing Sai Baba's glory and has connected devotees with Baba. One of the extremely famous name of North India is of SHRI. Pankaj Raj.

He has been a top name when it comes to selecting a singer for nay Sai Bhajan Sandhya. Born on 14th November 1986 in Delhi, Pankaj Raj has done his graduation from University Of Delhi and then he worked at HDFC Bank.

His calm nature and smiling face has made his first preference in Sai Bhajan Sandhyas.

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1. What does Music mean to you?

Music is my devotion. It was my mother's dream that I should make a name in Singing fraternity. Music was so filled within me that I resigned from my corporate job and took music as my lifetime career. Music is everything for me.

2. When did you started your singing career and did you take any singing training for it?

I started Sai Bhajan singing in 2009. I used to do Mata Ki chowki and Jagaran to start with in various temples of Delhi. Shri. Surrogate Singh Rajwal has taught me the lessons of singing. He was from Punjab Gharana. Though singing has my own style but I can't forget the importance of my teachers in the same.

3. How much do you believe in Sai Baba and how come you started singing sai bhajans from Mata ki Chowki?

I have immense faith in Sai Baba. Its my honor and baba's blessings that by doing Mata Ki chowki, i got prepared to sing SAI Bhajans as well. I would like to share with you that once while preparing my singing for Sai Bhajans, i heard another singer singing Sai Bhajans and I went up to him to appreciate him but as least expected he advised me to not sing baba's bhajans and instead keeps doing Mata ki Chowki. I wondered why did he said so but I got even more determined to sing baba's glory and worked towards it. I got Manhar Udaas's and Hamsar Hyatt Ji's Cd's to prepare myself. I performed at uttam nagar which was my first performance in a sai bhajan sandhya and there the organiser was so happy with the performance that later he took complete expenditure to release two of my albums, Sai Ka Paigam and Sai Naam Bada Anmol. Few other people also supported me and encouraged me to keep doing good work.

4. In how many languages can you sing? how many albums are violable in the market?

I can sing in all the languages aside those in south India. Currently I have 11 Albums to my name for which I am getting a good response from the listeners.

5. As a singer who do you consider as your idol?

I consider Mh. Rafi ji and Sonu Nigam Ji as my idol. They both have a voice that can mesmerize anyone.

6. Do you also wish to sing in bollywood commercial movies?

Every singer small or big always stay keen on to singing in Bollywood. If given a chance I would also like to sing for movies but I'll make sure that I don't break my limits and stay in decency while singing.

7. You have received many awards for your singing? In reality what importance these awards have in your life?

I feel delighted to have received these awards, they mean a lot to me. When I got the award from Sonu Nigam Ji in a Sai Sandhya where we were singing together, My happiness had no limits. Similarly when Shri. Chinchilla Ji said that He really loves my singing then I felt completely Honored.

8. Now a days, your Sai Bhajans are being appreciated all over the world, how do you feel about this?

Since last three years, Sai Baba has gave me whatever I could have ever asked for. I owe my life to him. Now with time he have made me an integral part of his blessings...and I won't ever let that go.

9. To whom would you like to dedicate your success?

Aside Shri Sai Baba and Mata Bhagwati, I would like to give the credit on my success to My father, Mr. Naresh Kumar and my Mother, Shrimati. Raj Ji. The way my mother has nurtured me, I am totally indebted to her. My wife has also given me a lot of encouragement.

10. Don't you think that western music is overshadowing our traditional and classical music?

Classical music is the base to any form of music. No one can surpass that and become a good singer. Though its not bad to make a fusion music by using classical as well and western music.

Dua Sai - Pankaj Raj
Ni Mein Nachna - Pankaj Raj
Fariyad Sun - Pankaj Raj
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