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Aside being only a successful playback singer in the bollywood industry there are certain Singers who has constantly improved and made a benchmark in the Devotional Singing and hence enlightening a million of people with their melodious voice, Shri. Manhar Udhas.

After starting his career as a playback singer in the industry, his soul touching voice an subtle nature has tuned him towards Sai Bhajans and now he is awarded with the title of 'King of Bhajans'. Shri. Mnahar Udhas has delivered so many famous bhajans which are played in the morning to have a good start to tho day. These include bhajans like 'Sainaam Pukaro', 'ek joli mei phool Khile hai', Jab Charo Aur andhera ho' etc.

Born on 13th May, He came to mumbai in search of a job as a mechanical engineer. As he was int rested in singing from the every start, he initiated to make contacts with the people from the Film Industry. With his firm dedication, film director Mannu Bhai Gawdvi introduced him with music director Mannu Bhai. He got his break under music Director, Kalyan Ji Anand Ji's film 'Vishwas'. His song stayed on top of the list in that season. from there it was no looking back and he worked hard to establish his spot in the industry.

He soon became a very popular name in the playback industry as aside bollywood he also sang brilliant Sai bhajans. With the blessings of Shri Sai baba is soon became the king of Sai Bhajans as well.

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1. Manhar ji, a lot of devotee has crowned you with the title of 'King of Sai Bhajans', what do you have to say about this?

To be honest, I don't like these titles as we are singers are still we are on our journey of progressing in this field then how can we called as a King. Though i really appreciate and I feel glad that people love and appreciate me so much. I never imagined that i'll be at this level.

2. Have you ever been under any singing guru or have taken any training for your singing?

Yes, I have received my classical singing training from Master Navrang ji and Fayyaz Ahmed Khan Sahab. I am a gujarati so I have also formally taken Urdu lessons from Maulvi Sahab in Hyderabad.

3. You have sang in more than 300 films, with whom have you cherished singing as your co-singer?

Though I have maintained my relations with all the singers in the industry. I have loved singing with Shri. Lata Mangeshkar JI when Shri. R.D Barman made me sing a duo with her for Amitabh Bacchan JI. Similarly, i loved singing with Usha Khanna Ji with whom i gave my voice for Mr. Raj Babbar.

4. Your brother Shri. Pankaj Udhas Ji and Nirmal Udhas ji has also loved singing. Though Nirmal Udhas Ji has been living in London and pancake Udhas ji sings melodious Ghazals. So can we say that Godess Saraswati has shown her blessings of all of you?

There is no doubt that whatever we have achieved is due to almighty but aside that even we haven't left any stone unturned to establish Gujarati Ghazal singing across the world.

5. How di you got connected to Sai Baba?

Once, one of my friends from USA came to India and he insisted me to come to Shirdi with him. Back then there weren't even much of traveling resources available as well. When i reached shirdi and entered samadhi maunder, looking at the Idol of Baba, i could control my tears. I don't know what wen wrong there but I could feel a connection with Baba and realized that I am here for a purpose. Since then I got connected with baba.

6. There is no doubt that you have showcased your metal in the Filmy Songs, Ghazals and Bhajans. You have also done various concerts in India and Abroad. You have promoted your work all over the world. What has been the responses of your followers throughout?

I have done my shows in USA, UK and various other countries. The response that I have got has been tremendous. I feel so happy to see when people after listening to my Sai Bhajans go in deep meditation or their tear fell off their eyes.

7. Presently, How many albums are available in the market that belongs to you?

All the songs that I have sang in the bollywood industry are available in the market. Aside that iI have launched 23 Sai Bhajan Albums till yet. Out of these 16 albums has been written by Late. Pandit K. Razdan and 4 albums has been written by Shri. Vikas Mehta JI.

8. You have received so many awards for your singing, how much these awards mean to you?

Yes, this is true that I have been awarded with so many awards for my singing but my main achievement is the fact my songs are not only listened by others but also they are sang by them everywhere.

9. To whom would you dedicate your success to?

I would dedicate all my success to the almighty who has given me more than what I ever expected. I would also like to thank my family who supported me in every twist and turn in my life.

Koi Karan Hoga - Manhar Udas
Jab subhah ki aarti - Manhar Udas
Karmon ka fal- Manhar Udas
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