lata mangeshkar

Nightingale of India, she needs no introduction. Born on 28th September 1929 in Indore. She had struggled in her initial days to reach wherever she is right now. Her story of success and ruling millions of Indian fans is inspirational. She has sang in more than 28 languages and more than 30,000 songs till date, which has been inscribed in the Gennies Book of world Records as well.

In the past days, Actor Raj Kapoor used to call her the Goddess of Saraswati. Lata ji Father Shri. Deenanath Mangeshkar used to run a Drama Company. He did two marriages and Lata ji is from her second marriage.

Her father died when she was 13 years old and thats when things changed for her. Lata ji used to sing and act on stage with her father but after he passed away all the responsibilities of the families got shifted on her. She has to take responsibility of her three sisters and one brother because of which she couldn't even study much.

Subodh Mukherjee, Producer Director rejected her voice as well while she auditioned for him. Lata ji got her first chance into the industry through Master Gulam Haider in the movie, Majboor'. Lata Ji used to travel in Local train to reach every studio.

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1. When was it when you got recognition from the industry?

My first Film that gave me my awaited recognition was 'Mahal'. There was this song ' AAyega AAne Wala' which became so popular that C. Ramchandra and Naushad Sareekhe, Music Director made sure Istayed close to them and sing for them. All other Directors like Madan Mohan, Laxmi Kant Pyaare Lal and Shankar Jaykishan thought of building good tie-ups with me.

2. Which is that one thing that made you so successful in the industry?

I think my subtle and calm nature. Its important to remain stable while you grow and my principles of life on which i always remained firm has really helped me reach where I am today.

3. You have received the most prestigious awards of film industry but we came to know that you told the organizers to not consider your name. Can you tell me why did you do so?

Yes, I have received a lot of awards and people has shown a lot of love to me but I very strongly feel that young singers should be given all this appreciation so that they can grow and practice hard. That why I told on of the event organizers to not consider my name for the next time and rather give opportunities to the younger budding artists.

4. You have achieved a lot of things through her handwork. After your father died, times weren't very easy for you. We know you give this credit to your father. What do you have to say about it?

Its been a very difficult time for us to grow and even survive after my father's death but that incident has changed my life and gave me all the required strength to reach where I am. I dedicate my career to my father. I ahem also built a Charitable Hospital in my Father's name at Pune. I plan to build a Medical college and an Old Age Home as well.

5. Do you also sing devotional Songs? Do you believe in god?

I have full faith in god. I do sing Devotional songs. Once I went to vrindavan and there I felt such strong connection. Similarly When I want to Shirdi and felt strong vibes. I have sang a lot Sai Bhajans, Aarti and Jaap.

6. What do you think about western and remix music that has been introduced in the present scenario?

I feel that the old days can't be called again but we have to accept the changing music culture. Today people love remix songs and I don't show any hesitancy in learning anything new everyday for any Music Director/Composer. 

mere sai mere sai - Lata Mangeshkar
Sun lo Sai Baba- Lata Mangeshkar
Everybody loves Sai, Sai Loves everybody - Lata Mangeshkar
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