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A singer, actor, music director and choreographer, Shri Gurdaas Maan is an artist whose talent is beyond any defined boundaries. He is a multi talented artist who is awarded with the title of 'King of Melody'. Born on 4th January 1957 in Giddarbaha, Muksar, Punjab, he completed his education from Abohar and malot. Having earned his degree from DAV College, he also completed his degree from National Institute of Sports. He was awarded as a black belt in Judo, He started his career as an employee in State Electricity board.

He was always very interested in music which made him outspend everywhere he went. Currently he has done more than 12 movies. A very well natured, polite and always smiling, Shri. Guards maan is an example to all the budding artists.

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1. Though it says it all when your followers already call you as the King of melody still what does music mean to you?

Its my honor that my followers call me with so much respect and love. For me music is that beautiful feeling which has no boundaries of upper class or lower class. One needs to burn himself under bright sun to turn into a good singer. A lot of dedication and hard work is involved in it. This process can even take a lifetime to achieve.

2. People consider you as a multi talented artist as you also sing, act and choreograph. They listen to your songs with sheer enjoyment. Which genre of songs do you prefer singing out of, Filmy songs or devotional ones?

May be filmy songs and devotional songs appear different of the platform but for me they all have the same soulful sweetness in them. All the songs composed and sang by me consist of a message, thats why all the people enjoy listening to them. Most of my songs are sufi.

3. DO you sing in any other language aside Punjabi? How many albums do you have in the market as of yet?

Aside punjabi i can sing in Hindi, Bnegali, Tamil, Haryanvi and Rajasthani languages. I have various albums available in the market.

4.Which is your favorite song from the songs that you have sang yet?

I treat all my songs as my babies and there can't be one song to pick from all of these similarly to how a mother can't choose in between her children if asked to do so.

5. One of your song 'Dil Da Mamla Hai' has been a great hit during your career. How has been the whole musical journey of yours till yet?

Yes, True. This song gave me a lot of mileage and supported by cause. This song was played and supported by Doordarshan Jalandhar and after that companies like HMV, Tips, T-Series recorded a lot of songs for me. Since then i was lucky enough to have recorded a lot of songs which also include, Roti, Jogia, Dil Saaf Hona Chahida, Ankhian Udheek Diyan etc. I have been supported and appreciated by this industry with open hands and feel great to be a part of it.

6. How much do you believe in Sai Baba. A lot of your songs are dedicated to him and are being praised in Sai Bhajan Sandhyas, How do you feel?

Shri. Sai Baba was definitely a great saint who gave us a teaching of Faith and Perseverance. The way I respect Sai baba and Guru Nanak Ji, i respect all other saints as well, Who worked in guiding the people towards the brighter life. I am indebted to my Guru Muradshah who inspired by and taught me sufi singing and helped me reach at this level.

7. You have been awarded with so many awards for all the songs and performances you did during your career, how much importance does these awards keep in your life?

Yes, You are right. I was awarded a Phd in Music from Walter Hamton University in 2010 and in 2012, Punjabi University in Patiala gave me a Doctorate degree in Literature. I was honored with many more awards which boosted my morale tremendously as it would do for any other artist. Aside all this the real award and treasure I can ever possess is the love and respect my followers give to me.I will cherish that forever.

Sai ji Baithey Naal - Gurdas Maan
Challa Beri - Gurdas maan
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