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Good music and a Good singer in considered looking at it's background from a musical family but now Sai bhajans have created its own legacy. Shri. Surender Saxena is one of the oldest singers whom Sai Baba chose to sing his glory and spread his name at every corner of the world. Its been more than 40 years that he has been rendering his voice in Sai Baba's service and now his only son Shri. Amit Saxena is also following his foot steps and has taken a vow to spread baba's name not only on a national level but also Internationally. Born on 16th September 1974 in North India's Ghaziabad state. He is an architect by profession from Birla Institute of Technology and MBA from Amity University. He also did his graduation in classical singing from allahabad university. Even after being so qualified and educated he chose to let go all that to sing Baba's glory around the world and follow his father's footstep to who he consider to be his idol. He has done various shows not only in India but also abroad.


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1. How did you get connected with Sai Baba?

 How can I not get connected to Sai Baba when my whole family has rendered their service and stayed close to Baba and his teachings throughout their life. My Father and my uncle has been privileged enough to be singing for Baba since 40 years now. Similarly Baba has allowed me to render my voice for his leelas and I feel blessed doing the same.

2. You have an attractive personality and great voice! did you got inclined towards trying in the film industry?

I have don modeling assignments for few of the brands and even got some movie offers but after being connected with Baba and doing bhajans, I didn't feel like going back to the film industry. I complete enjoy and feel internally satisfied doing baba's bhajans.

3. How much was your first remuneration when you started singing Sai Bhajans and what did you do with it?

I did my first bhajan performance at a Sai Temple in Saket, Delhi. I got Rs. 1000 as a token of appreciation and I have still kept that amount with me as a remembrance.

4. How many Sai Baba albums are present in the market? Which is your favorite bhajan out of all?

Till date there has been more than 20 albums that has been launched under various leading banners. My all time favorite bhajan is 'Baba Meri Rakha Karna'. I feel completely connected with baba while singing this bhajan.

5. Singers like Manhar Udhas ji who sings bhajans written by Pandit. R.K. Razdan, who writes bhajans for you?

I write almost all the bhajans that I sing. I write them and then convert them into bhajans. Aside this I sing bhajans written by Shri Vikas Mehta Ji. He writes beautiful poetry on Sai Baba. I love singing his poetry.

6. Who do you really like as your co-Singer in Sai Bhajans?

I respect all the sinhgers though but personally I really like Anoop Jalota ji. I feel his singing has immense devotion in it.

7. These days Sai Bhajan singers are charging such high fees that for some people it has become so difficult to execute a Sai Bhajan Sandhya. n this scenario when someone who can't afford high charges, how do you treat them?

Yes, you are right in saying that certain people who cannot afford high costs but has full faith in Baba can not execute a Bhajan Sandhya. I feel bad thinking about this fact. When someone approaches me like that then me and even my father sings for them for free even. I sing to earn Sai Baba and not only the money. I feel even more satisfied when a people appreciates my singing where I sing for free and give me a lot of blessings. That is my real earning.

8. You have received many awards which includes 'Modern Dasganu', Sai Bhajan's Shiromani', Sai Prerna Samman' etc. What does these award means to you?

All these awards are blessings for me. I respect these gestures a lot.

9. If you wouldn't have been a singer then what would you be?

I would have been an Architect. then also I would have done something or the other in Baba's Grace.

Praan Tan Se Nikle - Amit Saxena
Keval Sai Naam Jappo - Amit Saxena
Sai KI Oor Uthaya hua mere yeh pehla kadam - Amit SaXena
koi na sai bina tera - amit saxena
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