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Shirdi is a place of faith of each and every Sai Devotee. The Sai Devotees take the meal as Prasad with great satisfaction. Many generous Sai devotees with trustful involvement donate meals for all the Sai Devotees with free of cost during the time of heavy rush.

At present, in the Sai prasadalaya, everyday 25 to 30 thousand Sai devotees take meal as a Prasad. During the time of vacation and festivals of Lord Saibaba the number of Sai devotees hikes up to 60 thousand. Free Prasad meals are served to poor, blind handicapped & sages. Like this, approx 1000 persons are served everyday with this facility.

Expenses for a plate of Prasad meal is around Rs. 16/-. Saibaba Sansthan provides Prasad meals to all Sai devotees to Rs. 10/- only. Apart from this, Children below age 10 are charged Rs 5/- for the same.The prasadalaya’s yearly expenditure is Rs 30 crores.As suggested by Sai devotees, the Saibaba Sansthan Trust, management Committee has taken the decision to give Prasad meals free of costs to all Sai devotees by accepting donations of Rs 2 lakhs INR or more from generous Sai Devotees for a day. Donor can donate individually or in the group of maximum five members.

As per scheme, the Prasad meals coupons are distributed in Prasad queue according to dates suggested by the Donor. On the same day, donor(s) name will be displayed at prasadalaya’s notice board.

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